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Freedom Party had its first life in 2013 at a Toronto's Long Winter, an all ages inter-arts festival that takes place throughout the winter months. Mick Brambilla, one of the Long Winter's co-founders approached me to perform at this event and gave me carte-blanche in terms of what I bought to the stage. I asked Ken Park to collaborate with me, he had just moved back from Berlin and was creating some really great sounds, and I knew this event was right up his alley. The work had a second life in 2014, it was performed as part of the Sunday Night Series, which I co-produced alongside Jesse Dell and Andrya Duff.


Freedom Party is a celebration of being free, whatever context that means to you, perhaps it’s being free of a bad relationship or a bad situation. It’s a celebration of being alive, it’s about letting go and surrendering to your personal desires. It’s about shedding and unleashing our bodies, and dancing like no one is watching. Freedom Party is a dance; it’s a celebration, it’s about coming together and being present together. 

Freedom Party was created by Tina Fushell 

Sound Design: Ken Park

Performed by: Tina Fushell

Ken Park

Photo by: Kristy Radford
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