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I have been developing my teaching practice for many years. From very early on I discovered that I love teaching at the pre-professional level. From 2006-2016, I taught at the Quinte Ballet School of Canada and am currently on faculty at George Brown College, where I have been teaching the next generation of dance artists since 2012.

As a teacher, I take an animated approach. I love the art form of dance and I want that to come across in my teaching. I aim to invigorate the spirit of my students, get the entirety of their bodies moving, activate their imaginations and prepare them for life after school. In class, we work to explore our senses as a way to be in the space and feel present in our bodies. I use sensory touch exercises to awaken those senses and bring energy to the body. Taking my class you feel like you're riding a wave; I build the energy up one second and bring it down the next. I don't want our bodies or our minds to get stagnate; I attack my classes with an element of surprise and unexpectedness which creates an energetic vibe in the room. As dance artists we are practicing performing all the time and I share that practice in my teaching: don't wait for an audience or stage, do it now.



"Tina is a firecracker; always keeping the class moving, playing and feeding off each other. She creates an encouraging, vibrant class atmosphere like no other."

- Peter Kelly

"Encouraging energy .... she facilitates the Dancers search for their artistic voice in movement while advocating the importance of sacred technical training of the dancing body."

- Irma Villafuerte

"Tina is not only a beautiful human being, but also an amazing teacher. She always creates a welcoming atmosphere and drives her students to succeed. Tina greatly influenced my decision to pursue a career in modern dance."

- Emily Gibson

"Meeting Tina Fushell is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. Not only is she the most genuine, loving, and generous person you'll ever meet, but she also has this ability to bring something out of you as a dancer, that you never thought was possible. Tina has impacted me immensely, and I find myself at a loss of words when it comes to expressing how grateful I am to have learned from her.  I look forward to whenever I have the opportunity to take her class. She has so much to offer as an artist and as a person."

-Kennedy Elder

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