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What began as a joke between two friends, like any good joke, soon became a dance. Waving is Funny is a trio for dancers Luke Garwood, Molly Johnson, and Tina Fushell that explores the many different reasons why and how we wave. 


The crowd wave appears with theme and variations: as an improvised score facing the audience and as a bona fide stadium wave in which we involve the audience through our own engagement in the task. There is the absurdity of waving and how quickly it can shift from a recognized gesture to something else; the jazz hands of Bob Fosse or the instruments in a marching band. Finally, the work takes one last turn and demonstrates the complexity of this simple gesture. Sound waves, ocean waves, and waves of emotion are explored. The result is a distinctly human work – thoughtful and relatable, tied together with this very funny gesture that we all know so well.


“Choreographer Tina Fushell… brought a kitsch aesthetic to the stage with her playful work Waving is Funny…The trio instilled a warm mood in the hall and the piece was delivered by great performers…”
-The Dance Current

“To wave is a human gesture that transmits all kinds of messages — hello, goodbye, I’m over here, come to me. It’s part of ceremonies and flapper-girl-chorus lines. These intentions and many more are animated in this piece, which is affecting and enlivening and, yes, funny.”
–The Telegram

“I loved this performance; it was at turn humorous, irreverent and sincerely serious.”
-Philippa, Blogger


Waving is Funny delves into the power and simplicity of a basic gesture. We raise a hand to say hello, goodbye, hey, what’s up, it’s me, I’m here, don't eat that! The exchange can often be reciprocal and the gesture returned. This innate signal can be complex with more than meets the eye and Tina, Molly, and Luke take the wave from a contagious gesture to a conceptual web to be explored.

-Jenn Goodwin, Dance Curator SummerWorks 2016

Waving is Funny is a work by Tina Fushell in collaboration with Luke Garwood and Molly Johnson.

Sound Design: James Bunton
Video Design: Valerie Calam

Costume Design: Krista Dowson
Artistic Advisor: Brendan Jensen

Performed by:

Tina Fushell
Luke Garwood
Molly Johnson

Photo by: Joseph Michael

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