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Who is here?

What are we together?

How can we show this?


We like art and we like people. We live in an urban centre but come from smaller places and believe contemporary performance has a great role to play in communities like the ones we come from. Our aim with this work is to dissect what it means to come together, the impact it has, and the aftermath it leaves behind. In a deeply disconnected time, we are imagining how we might build a connected future, how we might use art as an accomplice in finding common experience and common ground. This work doesn’t happen without you so we thank you for your presence as you join us for this ride.


what remains

Created, Performed, and Produced by

Tina Fushell, Molly Johnson, & Meredith Thompson


State 11

Conversations About Time

Fountain by Robbie Grunwald |

This Temperament Cannot Last

The View, The Sightings by James Bunton |

All music used with permission.

photos by: Drew Berry

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