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In 2014, I was commissioned by Older and Reckless to create a work in collaboration with the Toronto Art School. I worked with visual artist Sacha Walter who built the skirt for this work. I had the privilege to work with Meredith Thompson who performed the work and Robbie Grunwald produced and composed the music. 

Y/Y is the concept of duality forming a whole, one cannot exist without the other. Through play and curiosity I began investigating with the idea of balance and how the balance of Yin and Yang is constantly being skewed due to outside influences. We live in a world of duality, which creates a tug of war within ourselves, perception is often deceiving and how one is perceived may not be how one actually is. 


Created by Tina Fushell in collaboration with Meredith Thompson, Robbie Grunwald and Sacha Walter

Sound Design: Robbie Grunwald

Costume Design: Sacha Walter

Performed by: Meredith Thompson

Photo by: Tamara Romanchuk
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